Sales Engineer " Outdoor "


1. Searching for new clients who might benefit from company products or services and maximizing client potential in designated regions.
2. Developing long-term relationships with clients through managing and interpreting their requirements.
3. Persuading clients that a product or service best satisfies their needs in terms of quality, price   and delivery.
4. Negotiating tender and contract terms and conditions to meet both client and company needs.
5. Calculating client quotations and administering client accounts.
6. Providing pre-sales technical assistance and product education, and after-sales support services.
7. Analyzing costs and sales.
8. Preparing reports for head office.
9. Meeting regular sales targets and coordinating sales projects.
10.Supporting marketing activities by attending trade shows, conferences and other marketing events.
11.Making technical presentations and demonstrating how a product meets client needs.
12.Providing training and producing  support material for other members of sales team.


1. A degree in engineering/ Mechanical & Electrical
2. Excellent communication skills
3. Technical knowledge and convincing skills
4. Knowledge of the industry
5. Good communication skills

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