Automotive Products WIL 25 MK1 Volt Ammeter Test Sets

These popular sets are used for testing and fault finding work on 6, 12 & 24V vehicle systems Flexible leads with interchangeable clips and full instructions are included.

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*/?> Automotive Products WIL 25 MK1 Volt Ammeter Test Sets Automotive Products WIL 18/450 Battery Tester Automotive Products WIL 10 Battery tester Battery Condition Indicator F3DM/CT Battery Condition Indicator F3VAM Battery Condition Indicator F3DM Battery Condition Indicator F3PAM Multi-function Transducer M550 Powercom complete with RS485 output Multi-function Transducer M560 Powersig complete with 3 analogue outputs Battery Charger Meter R68M/IND Battery Charger Meter R68M Battery Charger Meter R46M Battery Charger Meter F3PAM Battery Charger Meter F3PBM Special Shunts Wire (300mA-60A) Plate (Standard & compact) (50-500A) Compact Brass ended (5-50A) Standard Brass ended (5-10000A) Selector Switches Kilowatt Hour Meters Synchroscopes DC CURRENT OR VOLTAGE 4kV OR 1.5kV ISOLATION DC Current Or Voltage 1 In 3 Out Tap Position DC Linear Integrator Phase Angle AC Voltage Transducer Thermocouple Temperature DC Current Summation Reactive Power Frequency Special AC Current RTD Temperature Remote Resistance Active Power Special AC Voltage AC Current Transducers Hours Run Counters DC Voltage Trip DC Transducer Trip Phase Sequence Protection Relay Frequency Protection Relay Millivolt Trip Speed Sensing Protection Relay Thermistor Trip Phase Balance Protection Relay Reverse Power Protection Relay AC Current Earth Leakage Relays Multi-function Meters M850 Multi-function Meters Digital Panel Meters R68 Panel Meters Prodin Range Panel Meters 240 Degree DIN Range Panel Meters 90 Degree Panel Meters Core Balance CTs Molded 3 Phase CT140 CT75 Series 3 Phase Molded Case CTs 35 Series 3-in-1 Molded Case CTs Clip Together Split-Core Current Transformers With Plug in Short Circuit Clip Together Split-Core Current Transformers Encapsulated Multi-Ratio Split-Core Current Transformers Ring Type Split-Core Current Transformers 80 Series Split-Core CTs Moulded Case Rectangular Current Transformers Resin Cast Rectangular Current Transformers Toroidal Ring Type Current Transformer 127 Series Moulded Case CTs CTH101L Series Moulded Case CTs 21 Series Moulded Case CTs 20 Series Moulded Case CTs 19 Series Moulded Case CTs 18 Series Moulded Case CTs 17 Series (Type 175) Moulded Case CTs Series 160 Wound Primary Range 16 Series Moulded Case CTs 14 Series Moulded Case CTs 13 Series Moulded Case CTs


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